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Catalog Number: (470148-648)

Description:   Durable, lightweight, rubber apron resistant to chemicals, acids, and caustics.
Description:   Shelf Life (months): Indefinite
Storage: Green
Description:   Tough vinyl lab aprons are resistant to lab reagents, acids, alkalis, oils, and grease.
Catalog Number: (470148-722)

Description:   A must for your optics lab!
Catalog Number: (470148-814)

Description:   Ice Melting Blocks are a unique way to teach principles of conductivity of heat and the scientific method.
Catalog Number: (470103-580)

Description:   VWR® Starter Glassware Set
Catalog Number: (470006-220)

Description:   This LCD clock keeps time using potatoes, soda, or plants.
Description:   Both versions of these economy tuning fork sets come with a mallet designed for one hard and one soft end for use with all frequencies of forks.
Description:   1 3/8" Opening
Catalog Number: (470148-646)

Description:   Alnico bar magnets are useful for classroom or lab experiments.
Catalog Number: (470148-760)

Description:   This unit visually reinforces heat conductivity lessons.
Catalog Number: (470004-268)

Description:   Make Music and Learn About Acoustics
Description:   This basic, full-sized microscope will provide years of trouble-free service.
Description:   CAS Number: 8042-47-5
Formula Weight: Variable
Formula: CH2[CH2]nCH3
Density (g/mL): 0.818-0.880
Solubility: Organic Solvents
Description:   Bullfrog tadpoles are great for demonstrating metamorphosis in the classroom.
Description:   CAS Number: Mixture
Formula: Mixture
Density: 0.794 g/mL
Boiling and Freezing Point: 78°C, -114°C
Solubility: Miscible with Water ...
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Stock for this item is limited, but may be available in a warehouse close to you. Please make sure that you are logged in to the site so that available stock can be displayed. If the call is still displayed and you need assistance, please call us at 1-800-962-2660.
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