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Ward's AP Chemistry Investigations

Transition Your AP* Chemistry Curriculum with Confidence

Introducing Ward's AP Chemistry Investigations, Now Exclusively Available from Ward's Science

Get a head start on transitioning your AP Chemistry curriculum for the 2013-2014 school year with all-new Ward's AP Chemistry Investigations. With updated activities exclusively aligned to the new Seven Science Practices outlined by the College Board, easy-to-use materials, and expert one-on-one support, we've made it easy for you to transition your entire AP Chemistry curriculum.


Making Sense of the New Standards: Ward's Guide to Transitioning from the Old to New AP Curriculum

See How Ward's Investigations Align to the Six Big Ideas and Seven Science Practices

  • The ONLY AP Chemistry kits aligned with the Seven Science Practices
  • Pre-measured, pre-organized material to save you time
  • Coupled with the latest SDS documentation and chemicals that meet new GHS labeling requirement

Browse Ward's AP Chemistry Investigations Now:

Investigation 1: Spectroscopy: What is the Concentration of that Solution?

Investigation 2: Spectrophotometry: What is the Mass Percent of Copper in Brass?

Investigation 3: Gravimetric Analysis: How Hard is the Water?

Investigation 4: Titrations: How Acidic are the Beverages we Drink?

Investigation 5: Thin Layer Chromatography: How Can we Separate a Mixture?

Investigation 6: Bonding: How are Solids Held Together?

Investigation 7: Stoichiometry: What is the Greenest Way to Separate a Mixture?

Investigation 8: Redox Titrations: How Much H202 is Actually in the Bottle?

Investigation 9: Liquid-Liquid Extraction: What's in that Powder?

Investigation 10: Kinetics: How Long will that Statue Last?

Investigation 11: Kinetics: What is the Rate Law?

Investigation 12: Calorimetry: How Does a Hand Warmer Work?

Investigation 13: Equilibrium: Can we Make the Colors of the Rainbow?

Investigation 14: Acid-Base Titration: How does Chemical Structure Affect pH?

Investigation 15: Buffering: Will that Product Act as a Buffer?

Investigation 16: Buffering: How do the Components Change the Buffering Ability?


 *AP and Advanced Placement Program are registered trademarks of the College Entrance Examination Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse these products.


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