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Align Ward's DataHub to Ward's AP Science Labs

Ward's DataHub Unit AP Science Subject Ward's AP Science Investigation Use These Built-In Probes for AP Investigations

DataHub BiologyWard's DataHub Biology/Chemistry


AP Biology Investigation 1: Artificial Selection Light, Ambient Temperature, Relative Humidity, External Temperature
Investigation 4: Diffusion & Osmosis  External Temperature, pH 
Investigation 5: Photosynthesis  Light, Relative Humidity, External Temperature, Colorimeter 
Investigation 6: Cellular Respiration  Barometric Pressure, External Temperature 
Investigation 8: Genetics and Information Transfer: Mitosis and Meiosis  External Temperature 
Investigation 10: Interactions: Energy Dynamics  External Temperature, Light, pH 
Investigation 11: Transpiration  Light, Relative Humidity, External Temperature 
Investigation 12: Animal Behavior  Light, External Temperature, pH 
Investigation 13: Enzyme Activity  External Temperature, pH, Colorimeter 

DataHub BiologyWard's DataHub Biology/Chemistry


AP Chemistry Investigation 2: Spectroscopy: What is the Concentration of that Solution? Colorimeter
Investigation 4: Titration: How Acidic are the Beverages we Drink?  pH 
Investigation 11: Kinetics: What is the Rate Law?  Colorimeter 
Investigation 12: Calorimetry: How Does a Hand Warmer Work?  External Temperature 
Investigation 14: Acid/Base Titration: How Does Chemical Structure Affect pH?  pH 
Investigation 15: Buffering: Will that Product Act as a Buffer?  pH 
Investigation 16: Buffering: How do the Components Change the Buffering Activity?  pH 

DataHub EnvironmentalWard's DataHub Environmental Science


AP Environmental Science APES Lab 1: The Soil Factor pH, GPS
APES Lab 3: What's Up with the Ozone?  Relative Humidity  
APES Lab 5: Bioassays LC50  Ambient Temperature, pH, Relative Humidity, UV Radiation 

DataHub PhysicsWard's DataHub General Science


AP Physics AP Physics Lab 2: Uniform Accelerated Motion Motion, Force, Accelerometer (External Sensor)
AP Physics Lab 3: Gravity  Motion 
AP Physics Lab 5: Friction  Force/Accelerometer (External Sensor) 
AP Physics Lab 6: Hooke's Law - Conservation of Energy  Force/Accelerometer (External Sensor) 
AP Physics Lab 7: Conservation of Momentum - Ballistic Pendulum  Force/Accelerometer (External Sensor) 
AP Physics Lab 8: Circular Motion  Force/Accelerometer (External Sensor) 
AP Physics Lab 12: Harmonic Motion in a Spring   Motion 
AP Physics Lab 13: Waves on a String  Force/Accelerometer (External Sensor) 
AP Physics Lab 14: Resonance  Microphone 
AP Physics Lab 15: Temperature of a Bunsen Burner Flame  External Temperature 
AP Physics Lab 16: Mapping Electric Fields  Voltage 
AP Physics Lab 17: Electrical Resistance  Voltage, Current 
AP Physics Lab 18: RC Circuits  Voltage, Current