APES Lab #5: Bioassays, LC50, and Monitoring Environmental Toxins

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APES Lab #5: Bioassays, LC50, and Monitoring Environmental Toxins
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Students investigate toxins and contaminates from man-made and natural sources.

  • Students Perform Toxicity Tests
  • Activities Can Be Performed in Groups or Independently
  • Kit Includes Challenging and Practical Studies
  • Tests Feature Innovative UV Techniques
  • Resource CD Included
Toxic spills and contaminants are constantly entering our environment from industrial, agricultural, and even natural sources. Students learn key methods for performing toxicity tests by conducting a series of challenging and practical studies. They test the toxicity of salt on the growth of plants and examine the impacts of winter road salt runoff.

They also play the role of environmental consultant, using innovative UV techniques to test the impact of pesticide runoff on Daphnia found in a local farm pond. Finally, students apply their skills and knowledge to building and testing a hypothesis using Duckweed (Lemna) found in local ponds to conduct further toxicity tests. These activities can be performed collectively or independently.

Ordering information: This lab includes a teacher's manual, student copymasters, sampling and testing materials, and a resource CD.