NeuLog Sound Logger Sensor

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470137-392EA 97.49 USD
NeuLog Sound Logger Sensor
Data Loggers
Two measuring modes, many uses

  • Slow and fast modes
  • Compare wavelengths
  • Determine frequencies
  • Maximum sample rate of 100 S/s, 10000 S/s (signal)
With both a slow measuring mode for decibels and a fast mode for comparing different wavelengths of sound this sensor supports experiments lasting between 25 milliseconds and 31 days. Using the two sound sensors the velocity of sound propagation is easily determined. Determine frequencies of objects such as tuning forks and windchimes or use it to calibrate simple electronic signal generators.

For each probe you will need one or more of the following items: Battery module, viewer module (not needed if connecting to a computer to display data), USB module (not needed if only using as a stand alone probe or you have the WiFi module), WiFi module (not needed if connecting to a computer through the USB module). Recommended is to have a battery module and a USB module.