LaMotte® BioPaddles

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LaMotte® BioPaddles
Educational Materials Earth Science Educational Materials Natural Resources Learning Activities
Students identify and quantify microbes in air, soil, water, or any surface.

  • Easy to Use
  • No Refrigeration Needed
  • Ten Dual-Agar Paddles
  • App Included
  • Technical Information Sheet Provided
These ready-to-use dual-agar paddles have a longer shelf life than traditional Petri dishes. Each BioPaddle contains microbe-specific media enclosed in a sterile vial. The paddles do not require any other testing equipment. Only a magnifier and warm place (35°C or an incubator) are needed for air, soil, liquid, or surface sampling.

All BioPaddle products include a free app that lets students compare the unknown microbe growth on the paddle to known microbe colonies from six microhabitats shown in a library of photos. The app also has the option of capturing the BioPaddle image for side-to-side comparison with library photos.

Ordering information: This kit includes ten paddles per box and a technical information sheet.