Oil Spill Clean Up: Biological vs. Physical

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Oil Spill Clean Up: Biological vs. Physical
Educational Materials Chemistry Educational Materials Green Chemistry Learning Activities
Clean Up an Oil Spill Right in Your Classroom.

  • Green chemistry inquiry activity
  • Non-hazardous alternative chemicals
  • All chemicals required are included
In this activity, students will compare two methods of oil spill cleanup: biological and physical. Applying both a special blend of oil-degrading microbes and a hydrocarbon-encapsulating polymer to oil and examining the results, students will draw conclusions about the effectiveness of each approach. The kit includes a specially prepared stained vegetable oil to simulate crude oil, eliminating any of the hazards and associated disposal costs of the “real thing,” while still allowing students to perform the procedures.

Ordering information: Kit includes Oil Degrading Microbe Blend, Simulated Crude Oil, Nutrient QuickSolution, Hydrocarbon encapsulating powder, Plastic vials, Plastic cups, Cotton Balls, and Teacher's Guide and Student Copymasters.