Visual Scientifics Classroom Starter Set

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Visual Scientifics Classroom Starter Set
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
This Starter Set is an effective and economical addition to any physics or physical science classroom.

  • Fifteen hands-on experiments, complete with lab manual
  • Students investigate science through video analysis
  • Platform neutral - works with your preferred probeware/video analysis tools
  • Topics include motion, acceleration, energy, and more
  • Economical set covers NGSS and Common Core Standards
This innovative collection of small-scale physics experiments help students investigate science through video analysis. Students will learn about motion, acceleration, conservation of energy, momentum, periodic motion, and trajectory.

Together, these modules feature 15 different experiments, 125 pages of content, and experimental guides. Instructions are written to explicitly cover Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core Concepts.

Certifications: Meets 60 Next Generation Science Standards concepts and 60 Common Core Standards.

Ordering information: Each experiment module may require additional classroom materials, such as paper, rulers, or masking tape. Your preferred video capture and analysis software is highly recommended.

Delivery information: The Visual Scientifics Classroom Starter Kit includes the Magnetic Base, and Visual Scientifics modules on: Hooke’s law, collisions in two dimensions, inclined plane and car, pendulum, and loop.