Visual Scientifics Projectile Launcher

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No, I didn't recommend
These are great if you only want to demonstrate projectile motion or maybe do video analysis. If you are wanting to take accurate measurements, these won't do it. The plunger that pulls back does not stay straight so there is no consistency in the launches at all. Extremely frustrating for kids who are trying to discover or verify projectile motion concepts.
Reply associate Published 01/06/2016
We apologize that our Visual Scientifics Projectile Launcher did not meet your expectations. This specific model is ideal for use in video analysis and demonstrating projectile motion. If you are interested in a launcher with accurate measurement capability, please see item number 168016.
470135-574EA 89.5 USD
Visual Scientifics Projectile Launcher
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
This inquiry-based activity allows students to investigate and verify projectile equations.

  • 23 page lab manual included, with activities and extensions
  • Platform neutral - works with your preferred probeware/video analysis tools
Students explore two-dimensional projectile motion. Using video analysis with two extension activities, students verify theoretical modeling and use experimental results to meet design criteria. The included lab manual provides approximately 3 hours of laboratory activities. Instructions are written to explicitly cover Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core concepts.

Certifications: Meets 12 Next Generation Science Standards concepts and 10 common core standards.

Ordering information: Photogate system required, but sold separately (470317-428 recommended). Visual Scientifics Base (470148-822), required, but sold separately.

Delivery information: This kit includes a projectile launcher, mounting hardware, protractor with bob, and ball. Recommended accessories: video camera, graphical analysis software, carbon paper, and masking tape.