Visual Scientifics Collisions in Two Dimensions

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Visual Scientifics Collisions in Two Dimensions
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
For use with the Visual Scientifics Base.

  • Teach students about two-dimensional momentum with this collision activity, then use video analysis to perform two extensions for elastic collisions and conservation of energy, and kinetic and potential energy
  • Twenty-eight page lab manual with activity and extensions provides material for approximately three to four hours of class time and meets 12 Next Generation Science Standards concepts and 13 Common Core Standards
Includes incline plane with track, car, pulley attachment, nylon cord, and mounting rods with hardware. The activity requires the Visual Scientifics Base, which is available separately. Recommended accessories: video camera, graphing software, scale, protractor, measuring tape, and Visual Scientifics Backboard, also available separately.

Ordering information: Visual Scientifics Base is required but not included.