MultiTherm™ Heating and Cooling Shakers

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470135-028EA 406.5 USD
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MultiTherm™ Heating and Cooling Shakers
Shakers and Mixers Vortex Mixers
Vortex Shaker with Heating and Heading/Cooling Capability

  • Units available with heating and cooling, or heating only.
  • Exchangeable blocks, accommodate tube sizes from 0.2mL to 50ml
  • Precision contoured wells for uniform thermal transfer
The MultiTherm™ shaker is a temperature controlled vortexer, useful for a variety of molecular biology applications. Despite its modest footprint, all popular tubes and plates are compatible, including as many as six 50ml tubes.

Speed, time and temperature settings are continuously visible on the LCD, simultaneously showing both actual and selected values. Integral over-temperature control ensures long life, safety and sample integrity.

Ordering information: 2 year warranty.