Wooden Meter and Half-Meter Sticks

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No, I didn't recommend
The title calls this product a meter stick. This is only half a meter stick. The product is misleading. Please read the order information carefully because it is not in the Product description or title.
WARDSCI.com associate Published 04/08/2021
Thank you for your feedback, we take your comments very seriously. We apologize for any confusion in the description of the meter and half-meter sticks. We have made corrections to both the title and the description to ensure that these will not create confusion in the future. Thank you for helping us create a better experience for all our customers.
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Wooden Meter and Half-Meter Sticks
Good quality hardwood meter and half-meter sticks with a natural finish.

  • Permanently engraved scales
  • One side is graduated in cm with 1mm divisions
  • Other side is graduated in inches with 1/8-inch divisions
Meter sticks are 6mm thick x 25.4mm wide.