TeacherGeek Wind Pump

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TeacherGeek Wind Pump
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Experiment with Wind Power and Blade Design to Transport Water

The TeacherGeek Wind Pump harnesses the energy created from wind to pump water, The wind driven turbine powers a geared transmission that operates a hydraulic pump. This will move water from one level up to another. You will apply many scientific concepts such as calculating work, fluid mechanics, simple machines and aerodynamics. A stand is necessary. Purchase either the Bench or Wind Turbine Stand or make one of your own. Blade material choice is up to you to procure.

Wind Pump Activity
The essence of life is water. Water is moved from one location to another for daily life activities such as drinking, cooking, cleaning or irrigating. As well, it may be removed from a location as in the case of flooding. When you design your wind pump, explore new applications, calculate the ability to do work and experiment with how performance changes with varying conditions. The hub design permits easy change out of the blades. From found materials you will experience how the size, shape, number (2,3 or 6) and contour of blade design effects performance. Research how each blade design relates to wind speed, duration and distance from the source. How do you see these factors relating to actual wind turbines around the world? When you build the geared transmission, experiment with the size of gears to aim for more power or speed. Now correlate this with your blade design to meet your goal. Then add the TeacherGeek pump. Calculate the changes as you move the water higher. With all the knowlege you have gained, what improvement can you make?

Wind Pumps Teach...
•The Engineering Design Process
•Simple machines
•Fluid Mechanics
•Systems and Subsystems
•Methods of Construction
•Creativity and Ingenuity

What Else Do I Need?
•Easy Engineering Tools (includes Reamer, Easy Cutter, #2 Phillips Screwdriver and Slip-Joint Pliers)
•Wind Stand 160372
•#1 Phillips Screwdriver (Optional)
•Slider Block (Optional)

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