Backpack Science: Why Does My Tower Fall? Kit

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No, I didn't recommend
This kit is mostly consumable items which could be picked up at the Dollar Store for a lot less money. The backpack is very poor quality.
Reply associate Published 06/04/2020
Thank you for your feedback. We will review the components of the kit to ensure we have the best materials to complete the activity at a reasonable price.
470152-850KT 79.99 USD
Backpack Science: Why Does My Tower Fall? Kit
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Backpack Science is an innovative, integrated learning tool that uses inquiry-based activities to build links between science, math and language arts.

  • Build links between subjects
  • Color shapes and structures
  • Twelve additional activities
Students will love using the colorful gizmos contained in this clear plastic backpack for hands-on explorations of different types of shapes, structures and building materials. There are 4 lesson plans provided.

The backpack also contains instruction cards for 12 other activities which can be done in centers in the classroom or as take-home projects. For example, kids can build towers, bridges and other structures, construct shapes from fun materials like papier- mache and clay, and more! Also included is the book "The Three Little Pigs", which provides an excellent accompaniment to the inquiry-based activities.Grades Pre-K - 2