Ward's® Why Cells Shrink and Swell Lab Activity

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Ward's® Why Cells Shrink and Swell Lab Activity
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Large Plant and Animal Cells Provide a Great View of Osmosis in Action

Students will observe the effects of osmotic imbalance in just minutes, and in the process learn how and why cells passively maintain homeostasis. They can view under a microscope (available separately) both turgor and plasmolysis in plant cells and hemolysis and crenation in bovine red blood cells. Also, an interactive activity guides students as they transform your classroom into a living cell to further explore the effects of osmotic imbalance. It includes enough materials for 15 setups, a teacher’s guide, and student copymaster. Note: Coupon included for perishable materials. Redeem by mail, fax, phone, or e-mail.

Materials Included
•1 Package, microscope slides
•1 Package, coverslips
•3 Culture tubes with cap
•1 Package, sodium chloride (for a 5% solution)
•1 Bottle, physiological saline (0.9%), 500 ml
•30 Disposable pipets
•1 Biohazard bag
•1 Redemption coupon for: 15 Elodea sprigs, 10 ml Vial, bovine blood

Materials Needed But Not Provided
•Test tube racks
•1 L beaker
•Paper towels
•Distilled water
•Marking pen or wax pencil

Time Requirement
•45 Minutes