Ward's® What Influences Enzyme Activity? Kit

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Allentown, Pa
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Enzyme is suspicious - I used this kit with a class of Gifted/Advanced 9th graders in an 80 minute block period. Activity 1 took forever, and resulted in a lot of students having to dump out and start over several times. The enzyme and starch reaction with indicator does not have enough of a color change or a "pop" to make it dramatic for students to see. The indicator is so dark to begin with, it's difficult to tell th
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Ward's® What Influences Enzyme Activity? Kit
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
This kit demonstrates the process of starch digestion.

  • Lab Teaches Students to Recognize Breakdown of Starch into Glucose
  • Four Activities in One Kit
  • Pre and Post-Laboratory Assessments Included
  • Estimated Lab Time: 30 to 40 minutes
  • Material for 15 Setups
  • Aligned to NGSS standards (MS/HS: PS1, PS2, LS1)
This lab uses four lab activities and the enzyme diastase of malt to explore the breakdown of starch into glucose. Students perform a starch test and observe the breakdown of starch into glucose to learn how concentration, temperature, and pH affect the overall reaction rate.

The kit contains a teacher’s guide, a student study guide, and material for 15 setups.

Ordering information: This kit includes starch solution, diastase, sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, starch-indicator solution, glass vials, plastic pipettes, test tubes with caps, glucose test strips, sample cups, and spot plates.