VWR® Standard and Advanced Microscopes

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Education / Student / Dallas TX
Yes, I recommend
This product is wonderful. You can see the lab you decide to use perfectly. I would highly recommend this brand.
WARDSCI.com associate Published 03/19/2021
Thank you for your feedback! We're happy to hear you are enjoying our high-quality microscope at an economical price.
L1100-2 L1100-3 L1100-1
470014-370EA 510 USD
470014-370 470014-368 470014-372
VWR® Standard and Advanced Microscopes
These student microscopes deliver high-quality performance at an economical price.

  • Reversed Nosepiece
  • Coaxial Course and Fine Focus
  • Three-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Metal Construction
These microscopes allow students to view more details and minute structures

A slip clutch and stage stop protect against damage. Advanced models offer the versatility and precision necessary for research and clinical applications.

All glass-coated achromatic DIN optics and parfocal, parcentered objectives provide clear magnification, and the all-metal body of the microscope features a stain-resistant finish.

Ordering information: This microscope includes a manual, a dust cover, and a manufacturer's warranty.