Ward's® Brookhaven National Laboratory: Viral Infection Lab Activity

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Ward's® Brookhaven National Laboratory: Viral Infection Lab Activity
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Observe how viruses effect gene expression.

  • Developed in partnership with Brookhaven National Labs
  • Materials for 15 lab groups
  • Time required: approximately 120 minutes
Much of what we know about gene functions comes from our understanding of viruses. The biotechnology industry now uses the patented T7 gene expression technology to express foreign proteins in bacteria on an industrial scale. The T7 bacterial virus has been researched extensively at Brookhaven National Laboratory, who has partnered with Ward's to bring your students this cutting-edge investigation. In this lab, students will use T7 to infect a harmless strain of E.coli. Students identify where infections have occurred by observing plaques on petri dishes under UV light. Because the strain of E. coli provided has been genetically engineered to express green fluorescent protein (GFP), it is easier for students to observe and study. Using T7 as a model, students will also learn about HIV, Influenza, and SARS. Lab can be completed in one 90 minute lab session. Includes teacher’s guide, student copymasters, and materials for 15 setups. A long wave UV light, required, is available separately.

Brookhaven National Laboratories has partnered with Ward's Natural Science to bring the most current advancements in biotechnology and environmental science research into your classroom. The Nobel Prize winning science of Brookhaven National Laboratories and 144 years of Ward's expertise in education create a powerful combination of innovation and technology. Each lab activity developed at Brookhaven National Laboratories allows your students to participate in the investigation of new scientific discoveries. Using professional techniques and cutting-edge technology, each lab will provide your students with valuable training in biotechnology or environmental science.

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