Vernier® Ultra Pulley Attachment

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Vernier® Ultra Pulley Attachment
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
This Super Pulley Attachment is designed to convert a Vernier Photogate into a Smart Pulley.

  • Attachment Converts a Vernier Photogate into a Smart Pulley
  • Moment of Inertia: 1.16 x 10—6 kg m2
  • Inner-Grove Circumference: 0.150 m
  • Outer-Pulley-Edge Circumference: 0.16 m
  • Metal Rod Connects Attachment to Photogate
It's connected to the photogate by the metal rod that came with the photogate. Place the rod through the hole in the photogate, and move the pulley into position so that the rod can be threaded into it. Tighten the rod, so the pulley is held firmly against the photogate. When properly positioned, the spokes of the pulley block the infrared beam of the photogate each time they pass.

Moment of inertia is 1.16 x 10—6 kg m2, the circumference of the inner groove is 0.150 m, and the circumference of outer pulley edge is 0.16 m. The attachment is for educational use only.