Vernier® Differential Voltage Probe

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470002-954EA 53.69 USD
Vernier® Differential Voltage Probe
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Measure voltages in low voltage AC and DC circuits.

  • Ideal for use in “battery and bulb” circuits
With a range of ±6.0 V, this system is ideal for use in “battery and bulb” circuits. Use it with the Current Probe to explore Ohm’s law, phase relationships in reactive components, and much more. Use multiple Differential Voltage Probes to explore series and parallel circuits.

The Differential Voltage Probe reports the potential difference between the red and black leads. For example, if the black terminal is attached to something that is 2 V above ground, and the red to something that is 3 V below ground, it will report -5 V. The Differential Voltage Probe is the preferred voltage sensor in cases where more than one voltage sensor will be used in the same circuit.

Input voltage range: ±6.0 V
Maximum voltage on any input: ±10 V
Input Impedance (to ground): 10 M Ω
Differential Impedance: >20 M Ω
Linearity: 0.01%
Supply voltage: 5 VDC

For educational use only