UVP Transilluminator, Model M-10E, 6W, Analytik Jena

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UVP Transilluminator, Model M-10E, 6W, Analytik Jena
Transilluminators UV Transilluminators
Easily and Clearly View Fluorescent-Stained Gels.

  • Fluorescent light for ethidium bromide and new fluorescent dyes
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Protective cover blocks UV radiation from user
With the best, most intense fluorescent light for ethidium bromide-stained gels, as well as a 10 x 10 cm viewing surface, the transilluminator is perfect for both analytical and prep work.

Its 302 nm wavelength minimizes the damage caused to DNA and its transparent protective hinged cover, constructed of 100% ultraviolet-blocking acrylic, protects the user from exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiation.

The sturdily constructed, compact model’s cover can be raised and adjusted to the proper angle for viewing gels; its durable finish is easy to clean. Available in either 115V or 230V with a 6' cord.