Tyvek® Lab Apron

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Education / Teacher / Evergreen, CO
No, I didn't recommend
Very low quality. Many of the ties detached upon the first use of these aprons. Some came off before the students could even get them on, and not due to rough use from my high schoolers. I would say the biggest problem is the connection points between the ties and the apron fabric. These are also quite small and better sized for upper elementary or middle school students.
WARDSCI.com associate Published 06/10/2019
Thank you for taking the time to review our Tyvek Lab Aprons. We apologize that the quality was not acceptable and are going to work with the manufacturer to address the issues. We also appreciate the suggested age range that is appropriate for these aprons. We'll update our web description to reflect this. Also we will contact you offline regarding alternatives to this product. Thank you again for the feedback.
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No, I didn't recommend
A Very Poor Product - These aprons were used in a high school chemistry lab for one semester. Almost immediately, the straps started to separate from the apron. Not worth the money!
WARDSCI.com associate Published 10/18/2018
We apologize that our Tyvek Lab Aprons did not meet your expectations. While these aprons can be used multiple times, they are considered disposable, and therefore we only recommend that they are used 3-5 times before being disposed of. If you are looking for something to be used for an entire semester, perhaps an economical lab coat would be a more durable choice.
470175-058CS 210 USD
Tyvek® Lab Apron
Apparel Aprons
Durable yet Economical.

  • Halter design
  • Package of 10
These convenient lab aprons are durable enough to use multiple times, yet economical enough for disposal. The thick material protects clothing from dust, dirt, grime, and most airborne particulates. Perfect for use in the lab and priced to be replaced as necessary.