Vernier® Tris-Compatible Flat pH Sensor

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470017-604EA 125.19 USD
Vernier® Tris-Compatible Flat pH Sensor
Electrodes pH Electrodes
The Tris-Compatible Flat pH Sensor measures the pH of a solution or semisolid.

  • Durable and easier to maintain than other pH sensors
  • Easy to clean
Unlike other pH sensors, this one has a flat glass membrane versus the typical glass bulb, making this sensor more sturdier and easier to clean while allowing for smaller sample sizes or flat surface measurements. This sensor is compatible with Tris buffers and any solution containing sulfides or proteins as it features a sealed, gel-filled, double-junction electrode Use this in conjunction with the Vernier LabQuest, LabQuest Mini, Vernier LabPro, Vernier Go! Link, Vernier EasyLink, Vernier SensorDAQ, and CBL 2.

Electrode type: Double-junction, sealed, gel-filled, Ag/AgCl reference, polycarbonate body
Membrane style: Flat glass
Storage solution: pH 4/KCl solution (10 g KCl in 100 mL buffer pH-4 solution)
Cable: 1 meter coaxial cable with BNC connector
Impedance: 20 kΩ at 25ºC
Response time: 98% of full response in 30 s at 25 ºC

For educational use only.