Trilobite Order Collection

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Education / Teacher / Arlington, TX
This page is very misleading. It is NOT a set of 7 trilobite replicas. It is ONLY the Hemirhodon amplipyge reproduction shown at the upper right. It is a very nice reproduction, but it is ONLY one specimen, NOT SEVEN as the description indicates. Hopefully, this is just a mistake and not deliberately misleading. I was quite disappointed. It has been left like this for a couple of years now.
Reply associate Published 02/17/2016
We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced. We've identified the issue and you can now find the 7 piece replica set on our website! Thank you again!
WARD470237-684 WARD470237-688 WARD470027-620 WARD470237-682 WARD470237-678 WARD470237-690 WARD470237-680 WARD470237-686
470237-688EA 33.3 USD
470237-688 470237-678 470237-686 470237-680 470237-690 470237-684 470237-682 470027-620
Trilobite Order Collection
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Now you can bring some of the finest museum-quality specimens into your classroom at an economical cost with WARD'S life-like fossil reproductions. Nearly all of the reproductions in this impressive series are cast in durable plastic resin, and are hand-painted in colors designed to capture every detail of the original.

Acquiring good natural examples from all orders of the Class Trilobita can be both difficult and expensive. For this reason, we’ve assembled a complete set of trilobite reproductions in resin from originals in the finest private and public collections.

Delivery information: The set includes seven orders: Amphilichas halli (Ordovician) Ohio, Basidechenella rowi (Devonian) New York, Olenellus fremonti (Cambrian) California, Reedops deckeri (Devonian) Oklahoma, Leonaspis williamsi (Devonian) Oklahoma, Hemirhodon amplipyge (Cambrian) Utah, Peronopsis interstrictus (Cambrian) Utah.