Trajectory Kit

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Higher Education / College Criminal Justice Professor / Tyler, Texas
Yes, I recommend
The Trajectory Kit allows my students to be able identify and compare the angles of how bullets impact a scene, without having to actually fire live bullets into a wall, ceiling, etc. They are easy to work with, and are a tremendous resource when I teach firearms related evidence in my college classroom.
Reply associate Published 09/06/2018
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Trajectory Kit
Educational Materials Forensics Educational Materials Crime Scene Evidence Learning Activities
Includes Everything Needed to Measure Trajectories at Crime Scenes

  • Reuseable Materials
  • Math and Physics Intensely Used
Accurately measure angles and slopes every time with professional forensics equipment, including four 18"L x 1/4" diameter, yellow aluminum protrusion rods with connectors, to provide sufficient length for easy trajectory measurements; two 1" long and two 2" long spacer cones for placement and centering of protrusion rods in various sized holes; and a level and angle finder that is easily mounted to protrusion rods or the included aluminum tripod mount with universal thread. Available to U.S. customers only, similar product will ship elsewhere.