Toolmark Identification Kit

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Toolmark Identification Kit
Educational Materials Forensics Educational Materials Crime Scene Evidence Learning Activities
Examine the Interaction of Tools and Objects With Which They Come in Contact

  • Experience Many Materials
Explore various types of tools, marks made by those tools, and the comparison process used in analyzing tool marks with this comprehensive kit. This fundamental forensics training includes a power point lecture with videos of the manufacturing process for various tools. A power point experiment is provided in addition to the four hands-on lab activities based on actual cases encountered in crime laboratories. Samples used in the activities include two sets of five stamped numbers, screwdriver and evidence sample, wire cutters, diagonal cutters, one evidence wire and ten sections, a drill bit and evidence sample, six 3" 3X hands-free folding magnifiers, and six 6" stainless steel rulers in a durable plastic carrying case. Samples and activity materials provided are enough for 30 setups.