Student Wet Spirometer, 9 L

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Teacher / Biology/Chemistry / BC
Yes, I recommend
Excellent device, durable and accurate it can be used in multiple lab settings for different teaching outcomes.
Reply associate Published 06/14/2017
Thank you for sharing!
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Student Wet Spirometer, 9 L
Respirators Respiratory Systems
Increased Volume Size to Accommodate Students with Larger Lung Capacities

Measure Tidal Volume (TV), Inspiratory Capacity (IC), Inspiratory Reserve Volume (IRV), Expiratory Reserve Volume (ERV), and Vital Capacity (VC) with this spirometer that features large, easy-to-read scale graduations. Constructed of durable polyethylene and aluminum, it comes with 100 disposable mouthpieces, a one way plastic valve for sanitary classroom use, instructions, and a lab manual of experiments. Size: 30"H x 18"L x 18"W.