Stackable Microscope Slides Storage Cabinets

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470022-328EA 221.5 USD
Stackable Microscope Slides Storage Cabinets
Furniture Storage Cabinets
Contain your current slide collection and have room to grow.

  • Convenient storage space
  • Stackable sections give you storage flexibility
Assemble a unit that meets your exact storage needs with these individual cabinets that are stackable using interlocking tabs. The base unit, sold separately, provides solid support for the cabinet and rests on scratch-proof rubber feet. Each cabinet has six drawers that include identification tabs for labeling and and holds up to 5,000 standard 3"" x 1"" glass slides vertically. Foam rubber dividers keep the slides upright when the drawers are only partially filled. The cabinet construction prevents drawers from falling out accidentally; however, they may be disengaged and removed for use at a work area. Cabinets are made of heavy gauge steel with baked-on beige enamel finish. The drawers have black phenolic knobs.