Somso® Female Disarticulated Skeleton

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Somso® Female Disarticulated Skeleton
Models Human Biology Models
Superior Casting Process Produces Highly Detailed Bone Surfaces

  • Available With Either Cardboard, Or Wooden Storage Container
  • Cast From A Full Female Skeleton, Not Just A Pelvic Replacement
  • 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty
A sectioned skull with removable calvarium and complete dentition, as well as all other bones in a female skeleton, are supplied, making it easy to examine each bone individually, as well as study how they are interrelated. One hand and one foot are articulated on wire, the other are packaged in plastic bags, as is the vertebral column. The skeleton is available in either a wooden case with three compartments and a removable tray, or an economical cardboard carton. All bones are life size, making them ideal for comparison with a male disarticulated plastic skeleton, available separately.

WARD’S Human Osteological Preparations brochure identifying 115 structures is available for download.