Soil, Sands, and Gravel Set

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Yes, I recommend
Great example for students to see and feel the texture of fine sand. We also use it with our stream tables!
Reply associate Published 09/22/2019
Thank you!
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high school / teacher / Colorado Springs, CO
Yes, I recommend
I purchased the set of soils, sands, and gravels for use in Earth Science and Environmental Science high school classes. I found them to be versatile and useful in soil, porosity, and runoff simulation labs, as well as an acid rain investigation lab.
Reply associate Published 01/18/2020
Thank you!
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Soil, Sands, and Gravel Set
Specimens Rock Specimens Sedimentary Rocks
Useful for your weathering and erosion, soil formation, porosity and permeability, or other general earth science labs.
Our complete set contains:
Topsoil, clay, silt, fine and coarse sand, gravel, and pebbles.
Each sample is carefully selected for its uniform size and quality and comes in 32 oz. containers. Order the economical set or order each sample individually.