SKMath 2nd Grade Classroom Kit

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SKMath 2nd Grade Classroom Kit
Educational Materials Math Educational Materials Counting and Sorting Learning Activities
SKMath Classroom Kits contain all of the manipulatives you'll need to teach math concepts to your students - for the entire school year.

  • Activities for an entire school year
  • Enough for 24 students of 12 groups of 2
Each kit is tailor-made to cover the entire math curriculum for whatever grade you teach. No more pouring through catalogs and checking your classroom inventory every summer. With these comprehensive kits, you're prepared!

Each kit provides enough manipulatives for 24 students or 12 groups of 2 students. All of the materials come in a durable plastic container for convenient, worry-free storage.

2nd Grade Components List:

1000 Stacking Chips
500 Leaning Links
1000 Weigh Too(TM) Cubes
500 Stakubes
4 Sets of 60 Attribute Blocks
1000 Pattern Blocks
20 Day/Night Clock Faces
376 Assorted Plastic Coins
400 Mixed Bills
1 Hundred Board Set
1 Base-10 Primary Set
60 Base-10 Place Value Mats
20 1-100 Number Boards
24 Sets fo Tangrams
3 Retractable Measuring Tapes, 10"
24 Ring-Binder Safe-T Rulers
5 Primary Balances
1 Set of 14 ViewThru Ceometric Solids
2 Demonstration Ribbon Thermometer
25 Metal-Back Thermometers
108 3-Color Dot Dice
3 Doall(TM) Overhead Spinner Dice
4 Sets of Frax Pax Circles
1 Set of 30 Overhead Attribute Blocks
12 Doubel-Sided Geoboards 7"x7"