Ward's® Sherlock Bones Jr. Lab Activity, Modern Bone Set

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Ward's® Sherlock Bones Jr. Lab Activity, Modern Bone Set
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Designed for Middle to Highschool Students

  • Grade Level 6-8
  • Estimated class/lab time required: 45 minutes
This version of our highly-acclaimed Sherlock Bones Lab Activity is made easier for younger students with a pictorial guide that carefully leads students through the techniques used by forensic anthropologists. Your students will determine the approximate age, race, height, and sex of a juvenile skeleton by assessing and measuring specific skeletal traits. Choose between analyzing the ancient or modern remains of a five year old, or study both sets and compare. The activity includes a juvenile skull, pelvis, humerus, and femur; numerous reference photos with key anatomical features labeled; a teacher’s guide; and a student copymaster, as well as enough materials for four setups.

Ordering information: Kit contents include Plastic skull, Plastic humerus, Plastic pelvis, Plastic femur, Large caliper, Protractors, Vernier calipers, and Metric rulers. Materials needed but not provided are calculator and string (optional). This activity takes one 45 minute lab period to complete.