GEO-logic Sedimentary Rocks Thin Section Topic Set

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GEO-logic Sedimentary Rocks Thin Section Topic Set
Specimens Rock Specimens Rock Thin Sections
Examine the Mineral Composition of Sedimentary Rocks

  • Developed jointly by experienced educators and Ward's® staff geologists
  • Classroom tested for dependability
  • Designed to save valuble planning and preparation time
Students can study the composition and learn the origin of sedimentary rocks when they examine the thin sections slides in the GEO-logic set. The microscope slides correspond to the rock samples in the Sedimentary Rocks Activity Set. A teacher's guide and student copymasters are included for the following activities: recognizing origin in thin sections, identifying and comparing the layering in sedimentary rock, and estimating percentages of minerals. An optical properties chart is included, and the set is housed in a hinged storage box.

Ordering information: Contents include 12 thin section glass microscope slides (27 x 46 mm), Magnifier, Teacher's Guide, and Student Copymasters.