Science Classroom Presentation/Assessment Prep CD-Rom: Physics

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Science Classroom Presentation/Assessment Prep CD-Rom: Physics
Software Physics Educational Software
Make physics review a breeze with this interactive and comprehensive software which walks students from the introduction to the laws of physics through more advanced topics like atomic and nuclear physics. Of the 750 illustrated review questions that are available, you can choose to display questions from a single subject matter or from multiple subject matters from the 25 topics included. For your convenience, you can even save the questions for later use as lesson plans. In addition, you can keep track of the percentage of correctly answered questions, the number of attempts, number of unanswered questions remaining, as well as deliver instantaneous feedback. This versatile software can be used in a classroom setting or individually for practice and assessment preparation via an interactive whiteboard or projection system.

Topics include The Science of Physics; Laws of Motion I; Laws of Motion II; Forces I; Forces II; Rotational; Motion/Universal Gravitation; Work & Energy; Momentum & Collisions; Properties of Matter; Fluid Mechanics; Heat; Thermodynamics; Vibrations & Waves; Sound ; Light; Optics; Electricity & Electrical Energy I; Electricity & Electrical Energy II; Electric Circuits; Modern Electronics; Magnetism; Electromagnetism; Atomic & Nuclear Physics; Measurements & Calculations; and Lab Investigations/Scientific Method.