Ward's® Chemistry LeChatelier's Principle Demonstration

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Ward's® Chemistry LeChatelier's Principle Demonstration
The Ward’s Chemistry Teacher Demonstration is the perfect supplement to your chemistry lectures. This kit
• Can be performed in just 10–30 minutes.
• Requires only basic labware that you provide.

This dynamic demonstration illustrates Le Chatelier’s Principle and chemical equilibrium. The equilibrium system of iron(III) ion, thiocyanate ion and iron(III) thiocyanate complex ion is disturbed by changing the concentration of reactants. Students observe the equilibrium shifts through the color changes that take place in solution. Placing the reaction vessel on an overhead projector allows the demo to be projected onto a classroom screen. Includes potassium thiocyanate solution, iron(III) nitrate solution, potassium thiocyanate crystals, sodium phosphate, monobasic, instructions, and materials for seven demonstrations.