Ward’s® Introductory Molecular Model Set, 126 Pieces

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Education / Teacher, Department Coordinator / Whippany, NJ
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This kit is excellent with one key exception: on the blue nitrogen atoms, the holes are equally spaced at 120 degrees in the same plane. With these kits, students can't see a trigonal pyramidal molecule - it appears planar. I know that can be worked around by using black carbon atoms and leaving a hole empty, but this detracts from the benefit of the kit. It's an unfortunate error on the part of the manufacturer. Otherwise, the kit is excellent. Parts are durable and flexible, and the bonds are strong enough to be stable but easy enough to separate.
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Ward’s® Introductory Molecular Model Set, 126 Pieces
Models Molecular Biology Models
Ideal for Middle School and Basic High School Chemistry Classrooms

  • Hands-On Learning Tool
  • Teaches basic chemical structure and molecular bonding
  • Combine up to 53 elements
This introductory level chemistry set teaches concepts of basic chemical structure and molecular bonding with multi–colored atoms and links. Combine 53 colored elements including carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, and halogen to create a variety of molecules using short and medium–length links. Includes: fourteen 22 mm black carbon, eight 20 mm red oxygen, twenty-two 15 mm white hydrogen, two 22 mm blue nitrogen, one yellow 22 mm sulfur, six green 20 mm halogen, twenty-eight medium gray links, twenty-six short white links, twelve long flexible gray links, and one Link Remover Tool.