Robbery at Anytown Mall

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Ft. Lauderdale,
Yes, I recommend
Forensics - detective lab - I use this lab to help my students connect the lesson to what may happen in real life when a crime has been committed. This lab allows them to collect data, analyze this data, and reach some kind of conclusion. It takes them through the steps of the scientific method.
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Los Angeles, CA
Yes, I recommend
Not worth it - This kit is a bust. The instructions have errors. The blood typing is A or B only, and does not give results that are easy to see. Not worth the cost.
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Robbery at Anytown Mall
Educational Materials Forensics Educational Materials Crime Scene Evidence Learning Activities
Practice forensic skills in engaging activity.

  • Grades 6-9
  • Real world case based scenario
  • Combination of 6 activities
Use six different types of trace evidence to solve the crime in this hands-on CSI-like activity. Using the scientific method steps of observation, experimentation, and interpretation, students will analyze hair, fiber, fabric, blood, fingerprints, and handwriting. This evidence coupled with included personal profiles enables students to crack the case. Includes materials for six student groups

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