CENCO® Resonance Apparatus

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470110-612EA 365.9 USD
CENCO® Resonance Apparatus
The large-scale Resonance Apparatus offers built-in scale and has more range of frequencies to study.

  • Clamp for Holding Tuning Fork Featured
  • Large Tube Allows Students to Use a Large Range of Tuning Forks
  • Metal Water Reservoir
  • Built-In Scale
  • Tube Length: 120 cm
Students use our Resonance Apparatus for quantitative experiments on resonating columns and to determine the velocity of sound in air. The apparatus contains a 120 cm long plastic tube, graduated in centimeters, which eliminates the inconvenience of mounting a meter stick. The tube is anchored onto a support stand and connected to a water reservoir, which can be moved up or down.

A clamp is provided for mounting a tuning fork over the resonance tube. After partially filling the resonance tube with water, a tuning fork of known frequency is sounded at the tube’s open upper end. The length of the air column in the tube is adjusted by raising or lowering the water level until the column of air resonates at the same frequency as the vibrating tuning fork. By locating several such resonance positions and determining the distances between them, students can compute the wavelength of sound in air and its velocity. Operating instructions are included. The apparatus requires but not doesn't include a tuning fork with a frequency of 512Hz or 480Hz.