Renewable Energy Set

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Renewable Energy Set
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Alternative Energy Learning Activities
Students Investigate Alternative Energy Forms

  • Utilize multiple alternative energy sources
  • Modular design allows for various configurations
  • Includes a user manual and experiment guide
The Renewable Energy Science Kit demonstrates the workings of a clean energy technology system on a miniature scale. Power an electrical circuit by solar panel or a wind turbine with profiled blades based on NASA aeronautics. Generate hydrogen through water electrolysis and convert it into electricity using a PEM fuel cell. Whichever combination of technologies you want to explore, this science kit is a comprehensive introduction to the principles behind renewable microgrids.

The set is modular so users can learn the system step by step, configure the system in different ways, and discover how renewable energy can be harnessed, stored, and re-used in many applications. After working with this set, you’ll understand how hydrogen is the unique link between natural sources of power and power consuming devices — using fuel cell technology.

Kit includes electrolyzer, air breathing PEM fuel cell, water storage tanks, hydrogen storage tanks, multi-connector, and mini fan modules; a solar photovoltaic cell; tubing and accessories; and a user manual with experiment guide.