Ward's® Regulation of Gene Expression: DNA Methylation Lab Activity

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Ward's® Regulation of Gene Expression: DNA Methylation Lab Activity
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Study DNA structure, effects of methylation, and restriction enzymes.

  • Students Explore Epigenetic Effects of DNA Methylation
  • Materials for Eight Lab Groups
  • Time Required: ~90 minutes
DNA methylation is used by bacteria, in nature, as a defense mechanism; it is also used medically to treat genetic diseases, such as Beta-thalassemia. To study DNA methylation, students methylate lambda DNA, then digest it with EcoR I and Hind III restriction enzymes to test its natural protection mechanism for DNA integrity, electrophoresing the samples to prove that the methylated DNA was protected. It comes with enough materials to run up to eight gels. The entire activity, including staining, can be completed in one 90-minute lab session, or can be divided into two 45-minute lab sessions.

Materials required, not included: An electrophoresis chamber, power supply, and 1-20 μL micropipettes.

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