BoneClones® Regional Human Skulls

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470030-022EA 345 USD
470030-022 470224-436 470030-020 470030-026 470227-958 470030-024 470227-948 470227-954 470227-964 470227-956 470227-950 470227-960 470227-952 470227-962
BoneClones® Regional Human Skulls
Models Human Biology Models
Study Structural Differences Among Homo Sapiens

  • Show regional differences in skull structure
  • Great for forensic or anthropology classes
  • High quality material resists warping and cracking
Introduce your class to various racial bone structure with these highly accurate skull representations. When they are compared together, your students will be able to see the variances in brow ridges, sutures, dentition, and other facial structures. Comparing the male and female skulls allow students to examine the sexual dimorphism between the skulls.

Each skull has a detachable mandible and the dentition of the original specimen.

For some types, multiple versions are listed. These are skulls of the same type, but from different individuals. Where and "economy" version is described, the cast is from the same mold, but there is less finishing performed on the model. Dentition may be the same color as the skull, and some passages may not be cleared.

Accessories information: Ordering Information: Each skull is shipped with an osteological evaluation report.