Red Cabbage Jiffy Juice

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Red Cabbage Jiffy Juice
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Make strong red cabbage juice in a minute!

Red Cabbage Jiffy Juice is a very stable and easy to use red cabbage extract powder. It has low odor and a long shelf-life. It is a safe, all food grade material.

Easy and convenient to use. Simply add one small scoop of the Red Cabbage Jiffy Juice to the plastic beaker. Add 50 mL of tap water or distilled water. Stir slightly. The powder will quickly dissolve for use in any experiment or demonstration that requires red cabbage juice. Generally the solution you prepare will be stronger or more concentrated than most red cabbage juice mixtures prepared by boiling red cabbage in water. We recommend you experiment with your Red Cabbage Jiffy Juice to make it more diluate or more concentrated for your purposes. The solution will be slightly acidic because of the citric acid used as a preservative.

Reconstituted red cabbage juice will last for a day or two unfrigerated or several days if frigerated. It can be safely disposed of down your sink drain. Will make several gallons of strong red cabbage juice. Store in a cool, dry place. Does not require refrigeration but refrigeration will extend shelf life.
Includes: 25 g Red Cabbage Jiffy Juice (red cabbage extract, dextrose and citric acid), plastic beaker, small scoop, pipet, pH chart and instructions.