Ray Box

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470039-614EA 200 USD
Ray Box
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Optics Learning Activities
This updated Ray Box uses five super bright LEDs for bright, white rays that are clearly visible.

  • Metal Housing
  • Bright LEDs
  • Ideal for Introductory Ray Optic Studies
  • No Focusing Adjustment
  • Low Voltage for Safety
Unlike the monochromatic laser beams of other ray boxes, the white rays can also be used for color studies. The super bright LEDs also use less power and run much cooler than an incandescent lamp, providing a much longer life with no burned out lamps to change.

Designed for easy student use, the ray box does not require any focusing adjustment — simply plug it in and select from one, three, or five rays. It operates on safe, low voltage from a wall mount power supply for your safety.

Ordering information: This kit includes one of each: a biconvex lens, equilateral prism, rectangular block, and semicircle block.