Projectile Launcher Demonstrator

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$100+ Piece of Junk - Poorly manufactured. No instructions on how to launch and not set up to launch anything. They give you a piece of string and a washer and some wooden projectiles. There is a spring inside but when you push the projectile down into the spring, the angle changes because the bolt holding the launching tube can't handle the force that you have to push down on the projectile.
470014-948EA 97.99 USD
Projectile Launcher Demonstrator
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Consistent, measurable results are achieved every time with this economical demonstration. Students set-up and manipulate the launcher to observe and record the established projectile motion. Illustrate how launch angle, launch velocity, spring tension, and strength all effect projectile motion. For simple demonstrations in the classroom or lab, this device can be set up on any surface using the included C-clamp. Instructions included. Size: 15 cm x 15 cm.