APES Lab #2: Population Dynamics and Biotic Potential

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APES Lab #2: Population Dynamics and Biotic Potential
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Chart and Demonstrate Four Types of Population Growth

  • Individual and classroom set activities
  • Demonstrate population dynamics
  • Four types of growth are discussed
Explore the critical concepts behind population growth and biotic potential through exercises and models that demonstrate exponential growth, continuous change, annual increase, and logistic growth. Students will perform a mathematical analysis of biotic potential in a rabbit population, sample and measure the population density of dandelions (or similar plants)in a local test area, examine the carrying capacity and factors affecting population growth in a classic deer population, and study and construct a management plan for a keystone species in Yellowstone National Park. Each of the four activities can be performed collectively of independently, and include all sampling and testing materials, teacher's guides, student copymasters, and resource CD-ROM. Aligns with AP® Environmental Science Topics II.A, III.A, IV.C, and IV.D.