POPE Dewar Flask

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470203-832EA 196.5 USD
POPE Dewar Flask
Cryogenic Storage Vessels
Pope Lab Grade Dewars are rated the most efficient glass Dewars in the World!
This superior ranking is due to rigid quality controls in manufacture and a number of outstanding design and manufacturing features.
Efficiency assured by rigid bakeout and evacuation control (evacuated to 10-5 torr or better).
Evacuation tip completely shielded for increased protection.
Weighted bases on all models for stability
No pads between walls on cylindrical Dewars eliminating this heat transfer potential
Supplied stopper (polyethylene) tops off Dewars to minimize evaporation
This 1000mL flask is has a full base with metal handle and a cylindrical wide mouth. The unsilvered glass of 47369-01 allows you to see what happens when you emerge an item into the liquid nitrogen. Features an aluminum housing and sturdy mesh cover to faciliate a firm grip and increased protection. All Pope Lab Grade Dewars are manufactured of borosilicate glass for liquid nitrogen service.
-ID 7cm
-Inside Depth 30.2 cm
-OD 8.6 cm
-Total Height 33.7 cm