Plastic Tubing (Nalgene)

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8000-0180 8000-0020 8000-0060 8000-0120 8000-0030
470189-094CS 199.75 USD
470189-094 470189-086 470176-106 470189-092 470189-088
Plastic Tubing (Nalgene)
Tubing Rubber Tubing
The finest quality plastic tubing made. Soft, flexible Nalgene tubing has an outstanding resistance to a wide range of corrosives and is physically tough, abrasion resistant, and non-aging.

The transparency of the tubing has the advantage of visual inspection and flow control. The interior walls are highly polished to prevent contamination buildup and to facilitate cleaning. The tubing is marked at one-foot intervals for convenient measuring and cutting. Also marked continuously with ID and wall thickness.