Plasmodium falciparum, Ring Stages Slide

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Education / Teacher / TX
Yes, I recommend
This is an excellent slide with many examples of trophozoites of P. falciparum in the red blood cells. The ring stage of the parasite can be clearly identified in many cells.
Reply associate Published 03/20/2020
We're happy to hear you are enjoying this slide. Thanks for sharing!
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Education / Science Lab Manager / Athens, GA
No, I didn't recommend
Slides were okay. Not Great due to the fact that the blood sample was most likely old when the smear was made.
Reply associate Published 03/16/2016
We are sorry to hear our slides did not meet your expectations. Due to difficulty and variability in obtaining Plasmodium falciparum, we are continuously searching for new and better sources. Sometimes we have to make compromises as long as there are visible examples of infection on the slides. Unfortunately we can not control the speed at which the specimen is fixed, so blood cells may not be free of artifacts. We are focused on making sure our slides are the best quality we can deliver and teach with.
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Plasmodium falciparum, Ring Stages Slide
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Human blood parasite

  • Identifying features clearly distinguishable
  • Rigorous quality control standards
From human blood. Agent of malignant tertian Malaria.