Ward's® Live Coliphage Suspensions

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Ward's® Live Coliphage Suspensions
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A collection of some of the more popular forms of coliphage. The successful culture of coliphage requires growing in the appropriate host bacterium (available separately)

Liquid coliphage suspension are routinely tested for quality, purity, and titer. They contain DNA or RNA supplied as a filtered tryptic soy broth suspension of relative infective titer (10-7 plaque-forming units per mL). Several varieties of coliphage cultures are available.

Ordering information: Contents include: PhiX174: Minute polyhedral form, 25 ?m in dia. Circular single-stranded DNA close relative of S13 phage. Good for plaque morphology and demonstration of cations on plaque growth. T2r+: Wild type. Used most frequently in genetic studies. Rapid lysis. T4r+: Wild type. Less sensitive to ultraviolet radiation than T2. Rapid lysis. T4: Non-reverting plaque morphology. Mutant of T4r+. Rapid lysis. T4rIIA: Point mutation in cistron A, segment 4. Reversion rate to wild type approximately 106. T7: Rapid lysis. Produces large plaques. The liquid suspension is in tryptic soy broth. It is supplied in a vial and the proven titer is noted on the label. Quantity: 1.5 ml.