Periodic Table for Chemistry

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Periodic Table for Chemistry
A Periodic Table and More!

  • Uses color blocks to highlight similarities
  • Poster features timeline with on-going nature of chemical understanding
  • Notebook version features tables that include most of the poster information, plus general solubility rules, ion names, and a decay series of Uranium 238
The Chemistry Poster design uses major color blocks to highlight the electron suborbital similarities in ground state atoms while reinforcing the increase in electrons (darker shades) as the elements progress along a period. The cells contain only the data which will be used consistently in an introductory course; oxidation number for molecular assembly, electronegativity for polarity, and number of neutrons for showing the relationship between atomic mass and atomic number (along with indicating common isotopes). Melting and boiling points in Celsius are included for group/period characteristics. The activity series of metals, polyatomic ion names, and the geometric models target areas with which students also have difficulty. Students find that the notebook version is an excellent way to reduce the "data and numbers" stress in chemistry by making the information easily retrieveable and uncluttered. Designed by Rob Orr, a biology, chemistry, and physics teacher with over 20 years of experience.